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God Bless America-Vocal

If I Had My Way-Vocal

My Happiness-Vocal

Somewhere In Time-Instrumental-My keyboards

That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine-Vocal

That's Why I Love You Like I Do-Vocal

Pass Me By-Vocal

I'll Hold You In My Heart-Vocal
**Should be on the Outtakes page- LOL**

Are You Teasing Me-Vocal

Don't Be Angry-Vocal
Mary Beth and Glow

You Light Up My Life-Vocal

They Call The Wind Maria-Instrumental-My Keyboards

Peg Of My Heart-Instrumental-My Keyboards
Dad always said,"when you goof, keep on going"--I Did !!

When You're Smiling-Instrumental-My Keyboards

What Should I Call This?
It came from nowhere, just messin' around..

I Wish I Was a Teddy Bear-Vocal

Need I Say More-Vocal

To Know Him Is To Love Him-Vocal